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Cloud N Clear

Aug 3, 2021

In our newest episode of #CloudNClear first-time host Patrick Monaghan, CLO at SADA sits down with Sebastian Goodwin, CISO at Nutanix, an enterprise computer software company focused on elevating #IT and focusing on #security applications/services that help mitigate enterprise risk in the #cloud. Sebastian discusses his passion for #informationtechnology and how his career got started in enterprise #riskmanagement.

We get a glimpse at how SADA is helping Nutanix manage vulnerabilities in their journey, and we'll discuss pivoting to a #remoteworkforce and how to execute a secure #cloudmigration.

Listen on-demand now to learn why Nutanix chose SADA and #GoogleCloud to help them transition to a flexible #remotework model.


Host: Patrick Monaghan

Guests: Sebastian Goodwin


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