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Cloud and Clear

Dec 21, 2021

#HappyHolidays! Come #SADAbrate with #CloudNClear as we prepare to wrap up 2021 with this compelling episode highlighting, The State of Maryland. Join our hosts Dana Berg, COO, and Heather Sheston, Director of #PublicSector, SADA, for a #nextlevel interview with Tracia Sherman, Asst. Director Access Management Services, and Stefanos G., Asst. Cabinet Secretary, Maryland Dept. of IT.

They explore how SADA and #GoogleCloud collaborated with the Maryland Dept. of IT to navigate #digitaltransformation and migrate thousands of employees to #remote or #hybridwork options. Lend an ear to discover how SADA’s #cloudtransformation experts are helping unlock the power of #cloud for #government agencies.

Host: Dana Berg & Heather Sheston

Guests: Tracia Sherman & Stefanos G.


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