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Cloud N Clear

Jul 6, 2022

📣The moment you’ve been waiting for is here – SADA’s episode 129 of #CloudNClear is LIVE. Join Nikki Harley, Senior Director of Strategic Alliances at SADA, as she officially welcomes Adam Massey, new VP of #ISV & Marketplace Sales, to the SADA family.

Episode 129 covers everything from finding and building your career path to SADA’s innovative #SaaS #Alliance program. 

Massey shares his thoughts about SADA’s rapid growth and insights into the future of #ISVsales at SADA – you do not want to miss this insightful conversation, which is available now!



Host: Nikki Harley | Senior Director of Strategic Alliance at SADA 

Guest: Adam Massey | VP of ISV and Marketplace Sales at SADA


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