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Cloud and Clear

Oct 1, 2019

Evan got the idea for what would become Gridspace while he was still working at Groupon. It occurred to him there was no way to create meaningful data and insights out of phone conversations. After many years (with some excellent investors, but not too much funding), GCP finally allowed the technical infrastructure capabilities to catch up with the vision - and Gridspace hasn't looked back since. Tune in to understand his journey, to hear what makes GCP uniquely capable of delivering these services, and what the role of a partner like SADA plays in the story.

Gridspace was formed as a collaboration between SRI Speech Labs and a multidisciplinary team of designers and engineers. The company makes software that tells businesses about their mission-critical voice communications. Today, the company's speech processing system, which combines new techniques in the fields of speech recognition, natural language processing, and artificial intelligence, turns conversational interactions into structured business data.


Host: Tony Safoian

Guest: Evan Macmillan


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