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Cloud and Clear

Oct 17, 2023

In this new episode of #CloudNClear, SADA host Rowan Manson, Senior Workspace Account Executive at SADA, sits down with Alexis Petrichos, Director of Strategic Partnerships & Ecosystem Marketing at Chili Piper. 

Dive deep into the transformative world of AI-powered scheduling, and understand how Chili Piper is reshaping the way businesses operate. As Alexis unravels the benefits of seamless coordination and reduced manual intervention in sales, discover the revolutionary approach Chili Piper is bringing to the table. 

From business challenges and solutions to exploring industry trends, this episode promises invaluable insights. Don't miss out!


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Host: Tony Safoian | Senior Google Workspace Account Executive at SADA

Guest: Alexis Petrichos | Director of Strategic Partnerships & Ecosystem at Chili Piper


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