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Cloud and Clear

Apr 30, 2024

Join us for a special Mother’s Day edition of Cloud and Clear from SADA, featuring an in-depth discussion with Steve Ridley, VP of Infrastructure at FTD. Hosted by Michael Ames, Managing Director at SADA, this episode dives into FTD’s transformative journey from on-premises data centers to the dynamic world of cloud computing. Discover how FTD leveraged Google Cloud to enhance its infrastructure, and address challenges with aging systems, and prepare for peak demands during key floral holidays like Mother’s Day. Gain insights from their extensive migration process, learn about the pivotal role of remote work acceleration during COVID-19 and the strategic decisions that led to significant improvements in operational efficiency.

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Host: Michael Ames | Managing Director of Industry Professional Services at SADA

Guest: Steve Ridley | VP of Infrastructure at FTD

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