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Cloud N Clear

Jun 21, 2021

Next up on the #CloudNClear podcast is Rich Hoyer, Director of Customer FinOps at SADA, and a longtime management and software industry professional, who leads our brand-new FinOps group. The focus of Rich and his team is around developing and delivering services designed to help clients monitor, measure, and improve the value of their #GoogleCloud services.

Dana Berg, COO at SADA, joins as host for this episode to discuss best practices around managing the financial ramifications of a public #cloud investment. Rich also speaks about the three lenses developed around FinOps being Governance, Optimization, and Visibility. Learn more about the challenges organizations can face as their cloud footprint grows, and how SADA is creating new services that will be embedded into the base level of support we provide to our customers.

Host: Dana Berg

Guests: Rich Hoyer


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