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Cloud and Clear

Nov 23, 2021

TUNE-IN NOW! #CloudNClear is back at it again with another impactful #podcast. In this episode, we spotlight a longstanding SADA customer, #cloud-based and #SaaS based provider, Kiana Analytics. This organization combines #device #detection technology with location-based #analytics to automate #cloudsecurity using #machinelearning techniques.

Find out more about the solutions Kiana is delivering to its customers, how Google Cloud is supporting #digitaltransformation so that so many customers can optimize their #cloudoperations, and how SADA experts worked to decrease their #cloudcomputing costs by 40%.

LISTEN NOW to learn more about digitizing the workforce, and why Kiana chose to leverage SADA’s expertise and #GoogleCloudPlatform solutions to achieve their business goals.

Host: Tony Safoian

Guests: Sebastian Andreatta // Nader Fathi


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