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Cloud and Clear

Dec 3, 2019

Fun-Gi is an independent game maker - who's first game, House Flip, has hit over 12,000,000 downloads, with 4.6 starts in a matter of just two years! Tune in to hear from both Alfred Fung, CEO and Jimmy Xu, Head of Product discuss going to market in a very crowded space - as they define a completely new category for mobile gaming. Thanks to the power and flexibility of GCP, and specifically App Engine, allows them to scale globally while focusing on game development and player experience, rather than infrastructure and tech. With GCP, game developers don't have any barriers to scale vs even the largest of game publishers in the world. And how does partnering with SADA provide an even more personalized support model than working with Google Cloud directly? Data at the core of their ability to refine gameplay, learn how BigQuery is providing them with the data warehousing and analysis they need to stand out.

Host: Tony Safoian
Guest: Alfred Fung & Jimmy Xu

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