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Cloud N Clear

Nov 15, 2022

According to Ulfar Erlingsson, Chief Architect at Lacework, the fundamentals of security can be compared to a house – one must keep all windows and doors closed, have locks and keys to all the entry points, and a plan for what to do if something fails. πŸ” Seems simple enough – right? Maintaining security in the #cloud is particularly challenging, but thanks to SADA and Lacework’s partnership, it can be easy and time efficient. ☁️

Our newest #CloudNClear episode, hosted by Mike Laramie, Associate CTO of Security at SADA, with guest, Ulfar, is AVAILABLE NOW! πŸ’‘β° Tune in for an informative conversation, and to learn how Lacework is helping cloud customers achieve maximum #security. πŸ“»




Host: Mike Laramie| Associate CTO, Security at SADA

Guest: Ulfar Erlingsson | Chief Architect at Laceworks


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