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Cloud and Clear

Apr 2, 2024

In this episode of Cloud and Clear, host Rocky Giglio, Global Director of Security at Sada, welcomes Scott Sumner, Director of Global Strategic Alliance at Wiz, for an in-depth conversation about the forefront of cloud security and artificial intelligence. They dive into Wiz's rapid development pace, highlighting its continuous release of features and innovations, particularly in AI security posture management. Scott provides insights into how Wiz is addressing the evolving security challenges in the AI landscape, ensuring customers' cloud environments are safe and compliant. 

The discussion also touches on the importance of democratizing security and empowering various organizational stakeholders to contribute to a more secure digital infrastructure. Scott explains Wiz's unique agentless approach to cloud security, offering customers immediate and comprehensive visibility into their cloud environments. The episode further explores the partnership between Wiz and SADA, emphasizing their collaborative efforts to enhance cloud security solutions for customers. 

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Host: Rocky Giglio | Director of Security GTM & Solutions at SADA

Guest: Scott Sumner | Director of Global Strategic Alliances at Wiz

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