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Cloud and Clear

Dec 20, 2022

When your passion becomes your work, true magic ✨happens. Amit Sinha, President & Co-Founder of WorkSpan, was so driven to improve the relationship between hyperscalers and customers that he dedicated his career to the success of WorkSpan. Nearly a decade later, WorkSpan is continuing to help ISVs harness the power of the #cloud to solve problems, improve and set partners up for success. 🤝

Listen to our latest episode of#CloudNClear and join Tony Safoian, President & CEO of SADA, and Amit Sinha, as they discuss how SADA’s SaaS Alliance Program, paired with the power of the cloud, is taking WorkSpan to the next level. 

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Host: Tony Safoian| President & CEO at SADA

Guest: Amit Sinha | President & CoFounder at Workspan


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