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Cloud N Clear

Mar 29, 2022

Tune into this episode of #CloudNClear featuring SADA #Saas #Alliance #partner, Trifacta by Alteryx. This #software company focuses on #datasolutions that helps individuals and organizations unlock the potential of their #data by providing a new approach to #dataanalysis.

John Campbell, SADA VP of #CX & #Innovation steps in as this week’s host and invites Paul Staelin, Alteryx VP of Global #CustomerSuccess, to join the show. They discuss the benefits of #strategicpartnership and how #partners like Trifacta are accelerating their growth with help from SADA and @GoogleCloud.


Host: John Campbell | VP, Customer Experience & Innovation, SADA

Guest:  Paul Staelin | VP, Global Customer Success, Trifacta by Alteryx


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