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Cloud and Clear

Aug 30, 2022

#CloudNClear episode 133 is AVAILABLE NOW! 📻 SADA’s VP of ISV and Marketplace Sales, Adam Massey, interviews Matt Holzapfel, Head of Corporate Strategy at Tamr, a software development company. Learn about this SaaS Alliance partner has mastered data at enterprise-scale to drive timely analytics projects and unifies data across a myriad of silos to deliver previously unavailable business-changing insights. 📊


Tune in on-demand and find out how they are leveraging SADA and Google Cloud to enable customers to navigate their #cloud journey, get best-in-class cloud data insights, and make sound business decisions☁️🤝




Host: Adam Massey | VP of ISV and Marketplace Sales at SADA

Guest: Matt Holzapfel | Head of Corporate Strategy at Tamr


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