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Cloud and Clear

Apr 11, 2023

What do you get when four #cloudleaders, who all just so happen to be musicians, sit down for an engaging conversation about #BigQuery, #AI, #SQL, and more? 🤖 A jam-packed SADA #CloudNClear episode with exclusive insights! 📻

In this podcast episode, we hear from Miles Ward, CTO at SADA, and Michael Ames, Managing Director, Vertical Markets, as they connect with Google’s Antonio Lobato, Engineering Manager, and Chad Jennings, Senior Project Manager. They cover everything from the latest trends in #AI to free @GoogleCloud resources – you do not want to miss this one! ☁️

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Miles Ward | CTO at SADA

Michael Ames | Managing Director, Vertical Markets at SADA



Antonio Lobato | Engineering Manager at Google

Chad Jennings | Senior Project Manager at Google


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